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Ba3sha2ak ya 7abibi.



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Sunset Oasis by Bahaa Taher

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O Temple of the Hidden Names, O He who opens His eyes and light rushes into life, He who closes them and darkness descends. With justice you ruled your subjects. You rise at the break of day over the earth and leave at nightfall to your eternal kingdom in the West. My Lord! Bestow upon me your powers, You who have conquered all foes on earth and the Western horizons. Accept this prayer from your slave who rules in your name this holy desert of yours. They have submerged your feet far below the water, but you shall return to bless your land and the land of your father. I raise to you my prayer as your slave in this temple that bears testament to your glory. The Temple of your brother the Pharaoh, the Son of Amoun.

^A passage I particularly liked in Sunset Oasis by Bahaa Taher, an imagined prayer to Alexander the Great at the Oracle of Amoun in Siwa Oasis. The first grown-up Arabic book I’ve ever read! 4 stars out of 5, interesting historical premise, some parts of beautifully written (I liked the chapters narrated by Sheikh Yahya & Alexander the Great best), but dragged on for far too long. Also Fiona wasn’t very believable as a character — rather 2D in fact.

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